About International University of Professional Studies

The IUPS is a non-accredited, non-profit educational institution that has been in existence since 1988. It offers degrees, providing students with a mentor-based, individualised, and self-paced alternative learning system, with the primary goal of producing competent professionals with a deep self-awareness, sensitive to multi-cultural and global issues, and committed to serving humanity. The university offers online programmes and also direct teaching using innovative and advanced teaching methods to highly qualified applicants. They have faculty members that graduated from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UCLA, the Universities of Massachusetts, North Carolina and Michigan. Their tuition is comparatively low, which is highly appreciated given today’s soaring tuition costs. 

There are several universities in the U.S. which choose not to seek the accreditation of the education department for several important reasons. I have had very long conversations with the IUPS about the reason for which they do not want to seek accreditation. The mission of the IUPS is to establish and promote alternative, non-resident learning systems for mid-career professionals that are mentor-based, individualised, and self-paced. The driving purpose of the founders is to support the advancement of the human condition and the amelioration of major world problems through increased awareness states: cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

From the very beginning, the IUPS was committed to the appointment of highly qualified academics from the international community of higher education and research. They are dedicated to the construction of superior academic and research programmes. In practice, this means that the standards expected of their students are relevant and rigorous. The IUPS is fully aware that many universities are giving credit where it’s due, and accepting previous learning to give students a jump start. But the whole process of giving credit can be easily misused. The IUPS takes considerable pains to ensure that credit given and received is done responsibly and effectively.  

Faculty of International University of Professional Studies

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