Getting Validation for PhD & Research

The key reason for which I wanted to pursue a PhD programme was so that I would be able to produce a body of work in the field of coaching that would be validated by academic minds. I knew from the beginning that I would be developing my own unique coaching methodology through synthesising more than 10 years of my working/learning experiences. I knew that if I submitted my body of work to a group of professors, I would withstand the test of intellectual scrutiny and give my work validity and integrity.

Another important reason for which I felt encouraged to join the IUPS was the faculty – they are legitimate and credible. Here are some of the professors and their backgrounds:

Barnaby B. Barratt, PhD

Barnaby B. Barratt, PhD, is internationally recognised for his contributions to psychodynamic philosophy, theory and practice, as well as for his work as a sexuality educator, and somatic psychologist. In addition to his career of 35 years as a psychotherapist, he has a distinguished history of teaching in higher education, teaching at such institutions as Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. He has authored eight books and published over 70 professional and scientific articles and reviews.

Susan M. Campbell

Susan M. Campbell earned her PhD in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, and remained a member of that school’s Graduate Faculty until 1977, when she joined Saybrook University where she holds an adjunct faculty appointment. Her work has been featured in magazines such as New Woman, Psychology Today, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and Yoga Journal, and she has been a guest on national TV talk shows such as Dr Dean Edell, CNN’s News Night and Good Morning America; she has also guest lectured at Harvard, Stanford and UCLA business schools.


Leonard Laskow, M.D.

Leonard Laskow, M.D., is a Stanford-trained physician who has studied and practiced the healing power of love for more than 25 years. His heart-focused healing techniques significantly inhibit the growth of tumour cells in tissue culture and bacterial growth in test tubes. A Life Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, he served as Chief of OB-GYN at the community Hospital of Monterey. He did his residency training at Stanford Medical Centre and took a post-doctoral fellowship in psychosomatic medicine at the University of California. His book “Healing with Love” has sold over 50.000 copies and was translated into eight languages.

Patrick Williams, EdD

Patrick Williams, EdD, completed his doctoral studies at the University of Northern Colorado and is a licensed clinical psychologist since 1980. His doctoral dissertation was published as a textbook titled “Transpersonal Psychology and the Evolution of Consciousness.” Dr Williams has had NLP training and provided executive coaching in Colorado. He was one of the initial few to be recognised as a Master Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation in 1998. He has trained with Tim Gallwey and John Whitmore, utilising coaching approaches from sports in business. He founded the Institute for Life Coach Training in 2000, a distance-learning forum with all classes taught in teleconferencing.

Gwendolyn Evans, PhD

Gwendolyn Evans, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in San Francisco. She has a Doctorate from UCLA, and she also holds a Post-doctorate certification in Neuropsychology from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. As a psychotherapist, she integrates cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy with many transpersonal forms of mind-body healing, including kinesiology, NLP and medical hypnosis. She has been an adjunct professor and clinical supervisor at the John F. Kennedy University, and has presented numerous lectures on multicultural issues in psychotherapy.

Irv Katz, PhD

Irv Katz, PhD, is the Chancellor of the IUPS. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University. He has been in the academic community for 50 years and has occupied positions such as Chairman of the Psychology Department at the University of Nevada and Director of Graduate Programmes for the Antioch University in Hawaii. He has taught at numerous universities, including Houston, Fordham, Michigan State and Pennsylvania State. Dr Katz has worked extensively in the field of health and wellness. He was the Director of the Centre for Holistic Health, with a specific interest in using light, sound and spiritual approaches to healing and healthy aging.

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