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I found the International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) based in Hawaii in 2009, when I was looking for a degree in professional coaching. It was crystal clear for me, ever since 2005, that I would be heading in the direction of professional coaching, and I wanted to give my vocation depth and substance. At that point in time, all I knew was that the IUPS was a university that offered distance learning and that it was not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Despite being fully aware of this, I chose to enrol for the programme because of the benefits.

Benefits of the programme

I would be able to take the degree programme

without attending classes, and I could take the amount of time I needed to finish it;

The University would take my past professional studies and work

into their credit consideration; all the professional training I had taken until 2009, including the consulting projects I had handled and the training I had delivered would be considered if academically credit-worthy;

The mandatory subjects or papers that I would need to do

were minimal, which meant that most of the topics I wanted to study would be chosen by me, as long as I would be able to substantiate their relevance to my degree;

I would be able to submit my study papers in different ways

– through video learning, attending certification training programmes, reading books, work projects or coaching cases I had or would handle, workshops I had designed and facilitated, and many more.

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